Essays & Transcripts

“Being set free from the penalty of sin,
or even the tendency to sin, is not enough.
We are not looking for a mere ‘reset.’
No, we want, and have received,
something far better than that.”


“Spiritual warfare is complex. Despite Their
power, the Father and Son operate under
restrictions imposed for the good of mankind.
They desire agents to carry out acts of mercy
as a testimony of Their power among men.”


“We have been learning about communication
for our last few studies; it is leading up to
something, something against which even the
devils cannot stand, but must flee or be cast
out. It is giving us the message to share.”


“Even though we are born again, and made
as pure as the angels, it takes time and con-
sideration to understand even the best efforts
at communication. We do our very best, then we
are to be patient with those who hear us.”


“He has been seeking a people who desire
to be healed, to be cleansed, but with every
rejection, with every failed exorcism, with
every turning away, the nation became more
susceptible to Satan’s influence.”


“The word fellowship in the Bible
means much. It means community, yes, but
also communication; it means intimacy,
union, a supremely personal relationship,
to which all parties are deeply committed.”


“In His teachings, by His parables,
Yahshua has revealed His Faith to us.
He has told us what to embrace, and
what to beware. He has told us what to
accept, and what to avoid.”


“What is the impact on the character
of each of the 10 elements of Yahweh’s
Law? If we can discover this, we will
reveal the ten principles behind them,
and open the gates of the Kingdom.”


“Unlike caution, reverence involves
respect. Unlike terror, reverence involves
reason. Those who fear Yahweh in the proper,
Biblical sense, give respect to Him, and they
let the knowledge of His will control them.”


“Rituals help thought processing.
Sanctifying things, done in routines,
help with clarity of purpose, and prayer
(annual, monthly, and daily, on a constant
basis) allows faith to grow.”


“Yahweh hates unbalanced judgments,
and false scales are an abomination to Him.
He will not permit an act of love,
ever so small in size, to fall to the
earth unnoticed.”


“There are some who will never
consent to a Bible study, or listen
to our doctrine, at least not at
first; but may be touched by the
testimony of the truly grateful.”


“We continue to hold out hope that there
are pearls out there to be found. They
depend on our stubbornness, on our
diligence, so that, when they appear,
someone will be found seeking them.”


“We come to see the importance of
unity all the more fervently, as our
knowledge of righteousness, and our
realization of the effects of sin as a
separating and isolating principle, increase.”


“When we cooperate with the Mind of
Christ, with the Spirit of Yahshua, we will
find that everything we do in Yahshua’s
name takes on the same quality, that same
call, that same invitation to unity.”


“The Word of Yahweh, the promises, the
instructions, the reality, must become the
word of your mouth. You must say just what
the Scriptures say, and nothing contrary.
Speak the truth. Speak the truth in Yahshua.”


“The testimony of sin is what sin falsely
says about our Father in Heaven. We know
Him to be loving, kind, accepting of all who
are willing to be separate from evil. What has
sin said about Yahweh?”


“Christ in you, the hope of glory; that is what
makes all this work. That is what makes us
supremely confident, and also perfectly
willing to be corrected and taught a more
excellent way.”


“We ought not to become dependent on super-
natural signs; Satan easily overcomes those who
tend to superstition. If there is no clear way
forward, though, there are times our Father may
reveal something to provide us with guidance.”


“Those who turn away from righteousness
by faith do not believe they are dead, as
Paul says they are. They do not believe they
are without merit, or power, otherwise they
would not resist the call to life and healing.”


“We are ambassadors and representatives
of He whose power is stronger than death,
and that draws us together in an unbreakable
covenant that will shine as the light of agape
into the universe for ceaseless ages to come.”


“Those who deny victory over sin have
not learned the lesson of the feast days. The
labor of the Old Testament saints and the
warnings of the New Testament evangelists
have been to them of none-effect.”


“If Job, whose status the Scriptures
describe as a very great disadvantage, may
be described as being ‘perfect’ in his faith,
what excuse would anyone have for accepting
a life less than perfection?”


“Our prayers, our works, our sacrifices,
these will not directly change the minds of
others; however, the example we set, the
testimony we give, the lives that we live, these
are the things that can give our prayers legs.”


“Job had Yahweh’s testimony that he
was perfect… not free from error, not
without the capacity and need for growth,
but perfect according to what was expected
of him in the light that he had.”


“The people of Yahweh are humble. They
are teachable. They are to be ‘simple’ in
the sense of desiring plain and easily
understood truth concerning spiritual
things. But they do not stay there.


“There are a variety of words that mean
‘to kill,’ with a variety of meanings. The
word used in the 6th commandment is a
relatively rare word in the Old Testament,
and it is extremely specific in its meaning.”


“Victory is a sign of righteousness when
it comes to a nation and a Church. What
would cause a nation that worships Yahweh
to be destroyed? When Israel was faithful to
Yahweh, they triumphed over their enemies.”


“We have the Law to tell us what
righteousness is, because the world doesn’t
know what it looks like, but once we’ve been
made the righteousness of God because of
Christ within, we are not legalistic in our view.”


“False beliefs lead to imperfect characters and
impure spirits. Accepting them without
correction – as non-denominationalism
often does – leads to a surface-level unity,
but permits underlying spiritual divisions…”


“It is a difficult work that we do, a narrow
path to walk we present. It is a difficult work
to cry, ‘Balance, balance, balance,’ in a world
that only knows extremes; but no fanaticism
will guide anyone to the gates of the City.”


“You don’t need to be any smarter, or better
educated. You need to be healed. You must
receive the skill of the Great Physician. You
already have His attention, already have His
love. Now you must benefit from His skill.”


“Yahshua is High Priest, Ruler over a fellow-
ship of shepherds to which we all belong.
All of us seek the lost sheep. All of us guide
the repentant into the one fold, the one little
flock. All of us ‘mediate’ for others.”


“When those who are bound to their pain
are healed, they are free… not free to be on
their own, for that is not true freedom, but free
to fulfill their place in Yahweh’s Kingdom by
accepting the Father, the Son, and the Bride.”


“One cannot preach the Gospel with
sincerity and skill unless he loves the
one to whom he is speaking. Agape, God’s
love, is the love of mankind without
favoritism, without discrimination.”


“A pleasing answer reveals that
authority and judgment have been placed
by Yahweh upon His people. He accepts
their pleasure, their approval, because His
Spirit dwells within us, guiding our choices.”


“When we encounter the suffering of others,
what is our reaction? This may seem like a
minor thing, but remember the second-greatest
commandment. It is very much worth our time
to examine, as saints, what this looks like.”


“Dominion is freedom, it is authority.
But it cannot exist apart from accountability,
from submission to what our Father has placed
above us. Yahshua Himself, given all authority
and power, submitted to His Head, the Father.”


“Those who feel the weight of judgment,
for the correct and balanced reason, that
gift of the Spirit to desire to be clean
before the Holy Throne, they actually want
that accountability. They seek it out.”


“That is the purpose of all this, to
raise up a people who, having experienced
sin first-hand, will spend the rest of
eternity ensuring that it never troubles
the universe again.”


“We have a perfect foundation,
which is the Savior, and we have a
perfect blueprint to follow, which is
the Law. We have a Family of co-
builders, which is the Church.”


“Enoch endured the judgment of
the living, and as a result, he did not
die, and he will never die. That is what
it means, in this generation, to truly and
completely walk with Yahweh.”


“I do not need the cage. The Law
does not need to act as a cage to me. My
obedience comes from within, like all true
worship. Those who do not obey, it is because
they do not understand the ‘secret doctrine.’”


“Feel what you feel, but trust in
Yahweh anyway. When you are called, when
you hear the invitation, you may know that you
are ready, and that you have all you need to
say, ‘What do I do?’ and accept the answer.”


“Whatsoever separates, whatsoever
tends toward disunity, whatsoever pushes
people away from those who might teach them
the Good News of our Creator and Savior,
is abomination to our Father in Heaven.”


“Every second that Yahshua was in human flesh
was a miracle, a continuous, ongoing miracle.
The miracle goes on, the same supernatural
event. The life of the saint is a continuous
miracle; so we are held in righteousness.”


“We have victory, we reject error, and
we unite as one people, because the glory
of Yahweh does this, because that is the
purpose of the powers He has entrusted to us.
Of what you have received, testify.”


“Those who receive Yahweh’s gifts,
unlocking the tools in their spiritual
toolbox, will declare this with their
thanksgiving and with their testimony.
It is training for the world to come.”


“When we speak and act, and reflect the
principles of Heaven, and that in an unforced,
sincere way, the angels love to gather near.
We are a sanctuary for them in this world of
violence, vulgarity, and disdain for the Creator.”


“This must also be a separating message,
a warning that, if they hear the truth but
are still being influenced by the Devil in
the form of an angel of light, they will not
find Sabbath-rest.”


“We take these sanctified characters, apply
the things we have learned where reasonable,
and this becomes the testimony of our lives
to the universe, especially to the world
and its needful sinners.”


“We are Christ-like when following the
One Law. We are Christ’s representa-
tives, demonstrating His sacrifice on
the cross, when we act according to the
principles He has implanted in our souls.”


“See that each spoke is separate,
individual [...] none are precisely the
same shape and size; and yet, they must
all be very similar in nature, or else they
would not fit in where they are needed.”


“If you decide to be a Christian tomorrow,
you lose the blessing of being a Christian
today, and you can never get that blessing
back, because we are finite, fragile
creatures, subject to time.”


“Yahweh has chosen the Church, His
covenanted People, to be the channel of His
blessings into the world so those seeking the
Kingdom would see a people cooperating with
the divine in a way that brings glory to both.”


“Satan has built a wall of separation
between Christ and His people in the minds
of those who do not have Sabbath peace. As
a result, they see Him as inconsistent,
exacting, and impossible to be understood.”


“Cain wanted something he did not have,
Yahweh’s acceptance. However, he
would not have the religion of Yahweh:
to receive the gift of salvation freely,
then respond with works of righteousness.”


“Our earnest desire is to fulfill
Psalm 133, to fulfill Isaiah 49:18, which
we just read, and the prayer of Christ in
John 17. That is the Spirit’s direction to
us, which we eagerly, joyfully pursue.”


“It is blasphemy that is the enemy of the
soul, and Satan’s most versatile and
effective tool. It is at the heart of every
false doctrine, turning the soul away from
genuine worship of the only True God.”


“When does the peace-loving worshipper
of Yahweh sound the alarm? To know
this is to hear the voice of Yahweh,
who sends His people into the world
with a message, a ‘loud cry.’”


“Bands. It is a measure. A measure
of our connection to the Savior,
how connected we are to one another.
It is a measure of our love for the
Father, how much we love the brethren.”


“Church membership is a covenant with
Yahweh in the Person of His people,
a promise to be of one Spirit with
a group of human beings in defiance
of the Beast and its image.”


“One who, with sincerity and trust,
reckons himself dead, is dead
indeed. This is not merely theory.
This is not merely symbol. It is
spirit and it is life.”


“Disregard what the world thinks and
says. We have a name, given to us by
our Father. We have been denominated
by Him, and we receive that name in
our hearts, and on our foreheads.”


“We need to be able to skill-
fully, gently, explain to many, many
Adventists that much of what they are
doing, even much of what they are doing
correctly, is not preparing them for Heaven.”


“Courtesy is fulfilling the two
greatest commandments in the Law;
therefore, it is about character.
Therefore, it is about destiny.
Therefore, it is about salvation.”


“It is not disrespectful to the prophets
that have gone before us to understand them
in the setting of their time, and to know
how to teach their principles in a manner
fit for the 11th hour of the Harvest.”


“We should study the Bible and all its verses
with every tool we have. But if the goal is
to read it differently than its simplest ren-
dering in our native language, there needs
to be a strong reason why.”


“Some things that are routinely minimized
(like the day of worship, or the name a
Church uses as a testimony to the world)
may be the very thing that Yah desires
His people to bring into focus.”


“We have a Creator and Savior Who cannot
fail. We have the gift of Christ’s life,
offered up to redeem us from death, and then
shed like rays of light into our hearts to
keep us always from falling into darkness.”


“Do you know, to the ears of an angel those
two sentences must sound the same? ‘Go, and
sin no more,’ has exactly the same meaning
as ‘Go, and experience your freedom.’”


“In the surgery of our sanctification, it is
Yahweh’s perfect hand that holds the knife,
and we are given grace, the power to
choose, to believe that His work in us
will be accomplished to the fullest.”


“This is corruption, the turning away
from the light, however evil one becomes
as a result. Satan does not need men to be
‘very’ evil, but if he has corrupted them,
that is enough.”


“We cannot separate the Gospel
from Church membership. We cannot
separate experimental faith from what the
Bible says it leads to: baptism into a
united, committed Body of believers…”


“But in all this, we stand confident,
because our faith has been proven. It
has been tested, it has been subject
to experimentation, and it retains
its golden shine.”


“In order to truly be healed, to give
up besetting sin, you must be willing to
see a change in yourself, yes, but that
doesn’t take it far enough. You must
be willing to become another person.”


“The principle behind the Law may be
very simply summed up as contentment.
Those who love Yahweh above all others
are content with what He has provided,
and what He’s promised to provide.”


“When we are ‘cleansed’ from
unrighteousness, truly cleansed, we do
not return to unrighteousness. Our
‘backsliding’ is healed…”


“Those who surrender their lives will
gain it back a thousand-fold. The
judgment of Yahweh, the light He has
given us for righteousness and ‘reproofs
of instruction,’ are the way of life.”


“The name that Yahweh has given you,
the name that Yahshua has given you, that
is the token of Their authority over you.
That is the sign of the power They have
given you over sin and all temptations.”


“…nobody should learn doctrine
because he needs to know doctrine. It is a
means to an end, and that end is righteous-
ness through knowledge of the Father and
Son. But some try to eat their tools.…”


“Babylon Fallen is no longer merely con-
fused. It is also apathetic; that is, it
doesn’t really care what its convictions
are. Like Laodicea settled into its
error, it sees no need to move.…”


I shall not fail, nor be discouraged.
That is a prophecy. I have kept the faith,
and will keep it until He appears to give me
that crown that I know awaits me at the
close of time.
That is a prophecy…”


“Because we love the Father, we wish
to glorify His name. Because we love our
fellow humans, we seek blessings to share
with them. When we discover new truth,
do we not desire to share it with others?”


“Many see salvation as a work-
in-progress, the result of great efforts,
extreme deprivation, and joyless sorrow
for sin. Because of this, they reject the
Victory when it comes to them…”


“Because they refused to repent of their
corporate sin, Yahweh has forsaken that
investment, and has raised up a people, a
small people, unknown to the world, to
faithfully conclude His work…”


“Faith in Yahweh means believing that
His words are true, and that He will do
what He says He will do. […] The
faith we receive from our Father is
perfect from the beginning…”


“When we choose to forgive someone,
to accept the gift of victory over sin, to
be born again, these are all choices that
our Father is allowing us to make. In the
flesh we couldn’t do any of these things.”


“Along with Yah’s healing comes the
immediate knowledge of what it means to be
healed. Along with Yah’s atonement comes
immediate knowledge of what it means to
be atoned, with one’s repentance accepted.”


“These S.T.A.R.S. principles that we may
now learn are not intended in the least to
stifle or shorten conversations. The lights
that Yah has created were designed to be
seen, never concealed.”


“This phrase ‘in due season’ appears
numerous times in both Testaments. It is
about timing. The providence of Yah is
often revealed by the right person, saying
the right thing at just the right time.”


“Yahshua told us Himself that He did not
come to replace any [of His Father’s
commandments]; He just explained that
love is the fulfilling of the Law, and the
Law explains what love looks like.”


“Beware unbelief, promoted by those
who doubt the promises of Yahweh, and seek
excuses to avoid simple, perfect teachings.
Beware hypocrisy, any suggestion that our
testimony ought not to match our lives.”


“…words are the point of contact between
the spiritual world and the physical one.
Even though Yahweh can read our hearts, we
are instructed to pray – He will answer our
prayers, our desires translated into words.”


“Biblical fear, this mental acknowledge-
ment of power, is not a feeling that is
contrary to the fruit of the Spirit. In fact,
both exist at the same time in the mind of
Christ as expressed in His people.”


“The Faith of Yahshua says, ‘I have ceased
from sin!’ It is not beating the chest in
pride. It is falling to the knees in gratitude,
because we know that we could never
accomplish that on our own merit…”


“…bridges represent choices, and choices
involve character. The Commandments
are the bridge between Yahweh and man-
kind, His character revealed in our actions.”


“The right doctrines are salvational,
but only as they lead one to choose salvation,
so that the stony heart is taken out of the
chest by a divine operation, and replaced
with a heart of flesh…”


“It was important to our Father and Yahshua
that the Holy Spirit, Their presence in our
lives and hearts, be thought of as a Com-
forter, as a warm, loving, calming,
peaceful manifestation of Themselves.”


“…we see past the veil, so that even
when challenges arise, deadly and
deceitful, our minds are resting on the
Father and His promises, and we
see Heaven.”


“True ministry involves using doctrine
to get to the heart. The goal, after all, is
not to teach people to believe exactly what
we believe, but to teach them to love the
way that we love.”


“We cease from our own works, the works
that would come naturally to the body, to the
flesh, and we do instead the ‘works of
omnipotence.’ We accomplish, we fulfill,
the ministry of Christ Yahshua.”


“A perfect hatred allows for no com-
promise. Applied to men, that would not be
appropriate, but applied to sin, we
experience revulsion to the transgression
of the Law, and power over Satan’s tools.”


“Because Babylon has fallen, we awaken
to knowledge of Yahweh. We have a ‘Pure
Doctrine’ of His character, which humbles
us and becomes our only source of value.”


“A lack of a testimony of victory
over sin is infidelity. It is a lack of faith
in Yahweh, who has purposed to keep us
from falling, and it is a form of adultery
with the carnal nature.”


“There will arise occasions to speak of
doctrines, and teachings, and practices, but
until those who hear us are justified, our
work as Herald would have us guide the
conversation back to the Three Angels…”


“Prayer, within the community and
covenant of Yahweh’s love, is not just
about using the Creator as a resource. It
is not about getting what we want. It is
about growing in love together.”


Yahweh’s people are a Church. In
fact, without the Church, there is no
Covenant, and without the Covenant, as
Exodus 19 tells us, one cannot be among
Yahweh’s people.”


“What is your testimony? What is your
character? What are the words you say
about yourself, remembering that, because
Christ is in you, what you say about
yourself you also say about the Savior?”


“Those that bear fruit are also purged.
They are trimmed so that unnecessary parts
do not restrict their proper growth and
productivity. These branches are not cut
away; things are cut away from them…”


“Because we travel as a family, none shall
err unto destruction. Even Satan’s most
convincing temptations, telling the saint
that he is weak, misguided, and foolish,
fails to turn the saint’s eyes from Christ.”


“The Worship of Yahweh makes one
forgetful of self. It negates the flesh,
so that there is no ‘I’ who can fail
tonight, or tomorrow, or next week.”


“Where is the Little Flock? It is
found giving the Testimony of Yahshua
the Messiah, Jesus Christ. This
profession angers the dragon, but he
is powerless to stop the work.”


“The modern priests of Ba’al say, ‘God will
save… eventually… in part.’ […] they will
dance around Ba’al’s altar from morning
until the time of the evening sacrifice
saying, ‘He’s coming soon…”


“Everyone who claims the promises of God,
and says, ‘I know this is true. I know this
will be fulfilled…’ is actually predicting
the future with authority and confidence.”


“Have you been set free from the
bondage of sin? What do you tell people
that the Savior has done for you? Our
testimonies do matter. They change the
people who hear us…”


“Those who act as if they were something
they are not, in the very doing of it
prevent themselves from ‘coming to
themselves,’ as the prodigal son did since
they are pretending to be someone else.”


“Yahweh’s people are firm as steel to
principle, but they are not naturally
rebellious. A part of fulfilling the Law of
Love, to love our neighbors as ourselves,
is to set for them a good example of duty.”


“While They remain as One, the Father and
Son are forever changed by what hap-
pened. They can commune with one another,
but they will never be the same as they
were before, or the same as each other.”


“Whether Yahweh acts, or orders others to
act, it is His love that does it, a love that
we can understand, and that we can
explain, otherwise we could not worship
Him in spirit and in truth.”


The articles contained in this section
are transcripts of New Moon meetings
held by the Creation Seventh Day
Adventist Church, with recorded
meetings starting in the year 2002.


The articles contained in this section
are transcripts of entries written
for the Church newsletter, entitled
The CSDA Signet, which began
publication in the year 2006.


The articles contained in this section
are transcripts of audio sermons that
were delivered in online sessions
with the CSDA Church over several
months in the year 2017.


(PDF Version)
“This, then, was the 1888 message, that
Christ, having done the ‘work’ of
salvation and earned victory over sin
and death, gave us His perfect faith…”


“We are to look critically at any
proposed changes to doctrine, to examine
whether or not any such changes are truly
the leading of the Almighty.”


“Having knowledge of the Law,
a Desire to do righteousness and the
Will to bring it to life causes the
appearance of the Fruit of the Spirit.
(Galatians 5:22-23)”


“It is our work, as a Church, as the born-
again believers, to show men what they
are supposed to see. It is our work to
say, ‘Look at how much our Father has
loved us.’”


“He lives through us as new life, as
life everlasting. The defense of our
faith, after it has been defined and
developed, is the revelation of the
resurrection of Yahshua in us.”


“The Character of He who is revealed in
the Bible, [is] the only standard of
redeemed human behavior. It is in
this covenant, and only in this
balanced place, that faith can flourish.”


“Today, as we approach people of other
faiths, we go against – not the
individuals themselves, but – the
veil over their minds because of
long-held traditions. ”


“Seeking out hidden issues while
ignoring known ones is a great error;
such a search cannot be truly aided
by the insight of the Spirit while
known problems are brushed aside.”


“The reformers received insight
that the main body was wrong, and
wrong beyond hope of repair. They did
not try to ‘fix’ things from the in-
side, but came out from among them…”


“The wheat and tares grow together
‘until the harvest.’ (Mat 13:30)
That should answer your question
already […] It is the Harvest
now. We harvest, because it is time.”


“All the principles outlined in The
Great Controversy
, which deals with
significant end-time events, have been
fulfilled by an organization that indeed
took over where the papacy left off…”


“Though we await its manifestation, we
have it in its fullness; John does not say
we will be like Christ, he says, ‘as He is,
so are we in this world.’ […] even now
we have the ‘mind of Christ.’”


“Yahweh leads people through appointed
agencies. Just as He sends angels to help
humans in need, so He appoints human
agencies to the task of guiding the
Body of Messiah on earth.”


“The system of tithing predated the Mosaic
covenant […] Likewise, under the
Apostles, the tithes were gathered in
to the storehouse, and distributed by
ministers in charge of such matters.”


“The King’s Feast to which we are invited,
and which will be commemorated kata
(once a month) in the Kingdom will
consist of that original dietary material,
for most things are to be ‘restored.’”


“The issue is not about the name, and
it never was. The issue is about the
faith of Jesus. Faith, however, is not to
be confused with one’s private inter-
pretation of Heaven’s instructions.”


“If we are not a member of a group of
people, a Church, with a name reflective
of its character and mission that is relevant
to the modern state of spiritual affairs,
you haven’t yet found the right one.”


“We welcome honest questions, and those
with a genuine desire to learn who we are.
We are kind even to those who misrepresent
us, and attack our beliefs using whatsoever
words and arguments they can.”


“True faith leads to true obedience, and
this to the principles of the Law, not
only what is merely stated, but what is
worked out in the experience of love.”


“The principle is a Biblical one. Although
men can never know themselves to the
degree that Yahweh knows us, we can know
who we are, so that we may stand in
our integrity.”


“Make the Bible the standard, and not the
traditions of men whose practices were seen
and extreme by the Messiah before they
became even more stringent in their laws,
and the Christian’s path should be clear.”


“The Savior of every faithful believer
has a Kingdom that is not of this world.
No carnal weapons have ever protected
this kingdom. No human means have
ever been necessary for its preservation.”


“The invitation is now open, for the
Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come.’
(Rev 22:17) The way is clear to the
City of Refuge, and the last message to
call a people into the truth is heard…”


“We cannot ‘forget’ who we are any more
than Yahweh can forget who He is. By
faith, we will not forget, and we will walk
after the Spirit rather than the flawed
flesh of our physical forms.”


“In terms of salvation, and legitimate
standing before the Almighty, men and
women are the same. In terms of practices
that distinguish them one from another,
they are different.”


“Individuals who willfully neglect
‘the assembling of ourselves together’
(Heb 10:25) miss out on a great blessing,
perhaps the very blessing that would have
bound them forever to the Most High.”


“The New Moons are no longer primarily
involved in marking the seasons of seed-
time and harvest; as Paul says, for New
Testament believers they point out
‘things to come.’ (Col 2:17)”


“The basic principle when discussing
conditional prophecy is this: If the
spiritual condition of the people
affected BY the prophecy changes, so does
the fulfillment of the prophecy itself.”


“It is a sobering truth that there is a
judgment to come, and we are not left in
ignorance… shaping our characters
determines our destinies in regard to
this judgment.”


J.W.s & The Sabbath
“J.W.s, in this and other places, set
forth the teaching that Christ, by ful-
filling the Law, provided a means for the
Father to set it aside or ‘terminate’ it.
Nothing could be further from the truth.”


“We see here clearly that the
redeemed are raised or translated,
able therefore to participate in the
Kingdom of Heaven because they
have new, spiritual bodies.”


“Israel was given the promise that it would
never fall. The promise was conditional, by
its nature, on its faithfulness. Similarly,
the Apostoles were given the promise
that the Church would never fall…”


“There have always been doubters, and to
them, it is easy to pluck a stray verse here
and there and make it look as if all the
inspired writings of Yah have fallen apart
from the foundation.”


“Our ‘fear and trembling’ is that knowledge
which leads us to cling always to the
promises of Christ, and to exercise that
perfect trust, for ‘without faith it is
impossible to please Him.’ (Heb 11:6)”


“But there is a faithful Church. There
is a true Zion, bearing the message of
primitive Adventism as a last message
of mercy to a world on the brink of
Divine Judgment.”


“Those who judge their level of faith by
their feelings have no assurance of favor
from Heaven. It is those who choose to
believe that have their religious
experience built on the Rock.”


“If there was more, God would reveal it to
him. [Paul] had more to learn, as do we all.
Yet all that he knows he grasps, ‘forgetting
those things which are behind,’ and is
lacking nothing…”


“Those with true faith, and true love,
bring forth these good things naturally,
and the goodness that is manifest in them
is an overflowing of the love of the Father
that is poured into their souls.”


“The assertion that the Feast of Tabernacles
is fulfilled by the death of Christ is even
less valid. The Feast of Tabernacles
represents the harvest of the earth. We are
still here. Type has not met antitype…”


“Babylon is composed of apostate religions
joined to the world. A sister to fallen
Babylon would therefore be separate from
most of Protestantism, but fallen due to
walking in the ways of her ‘older sister.’”


“We justly declare that any Church
which has united with a state has formed
an image to the Beast […] ‘Wherefore
come out from among them, and be ye
separate; touch not the unclean thing.’”


“Our sins are not are greater than His love
for us. It is a great thing to go into the
Throneroom, knowing we are worthy of
death; yet He beckons us, and our attitude
must be as that of Esther.”


“Here’s at least one statement from every
SDA pioneer I have ever heard of, and
several I did not know by name before,
often taken from lengthy and careful
articles dealing with this issue.”


“At that time the Church will appear to
fall – not into apostasy, as institutional-
ized Adventism would have us believe –
but by the persecution of a hateful and
offended world.”


“[Paul] said he took ‘wages’ of the Church
in Macedonia to help the Corinthians. That
word, opsonion, has a special meaning:
a soldier’s pay. This connects directly
to his question to Corinth…”


“The key to understanding Romans 7 is to
read it in its right place. That is to say, it
should not be separated from Romans 6
in front of it, and Romans 8 behind it.”


“This attempt to enforce divine (or
supposedly divine in this case) mandate
by human authority only led to suffering.
American Sabbathkeepers in the 1800s
were thrown in jail, dragged to court…”


“We find conclusive evidence for a
judgment that takes place while the last
generation is still alive, so that when
Christ returns the words of the prophet
may be fulfilled…”


“Here we see a heart that persisted in
its unbelief. The stages laid out before
us are clear, and are written for our
edification, that we ourselves may never
make such mistakes as Pharaoh did.”


“Christ had full authority over these
beings. He did not use recited prayers,
crucifixes or holy water to cast them
out, and neither did His disciples.”


“Others, seeing the distinction made in
the deference given to those who were
‘filled wih the spirit,’ were led to open
their own minds up to this fate, to ‘prove’
they were also spirit-filled Christians.”


“The ten are not only written out, but
expanded, explained, and set in their
rightful place as – not commandments
merely – but loving responses to our
Father’s grace.”


“Look at the reason Yah gives for the
priests not drinking wine […] so
that there can be a visible difference
between the holy and clean and the
unclean and unholy.


Helel, or Lucifer, was in Heaven
‘until iniquity was found’ in him;
Christ beheld him falling ‘like
lightning,’ and he has been perse-
cuting the church of God ever since.”


“This passage was written after the
death of Yahshua and the establishment
of the New Covenant, yet the holy days,
the New Moon and the Sabbath are still
shadows of ‘things to come.’”


“There are no two ways about it. This
test, though amazingly simple, is near-
absolute. If a prophet does NOT have
this characteristic, he is no prophet,
and there can be no disputing it.”


“It was this inter-breeding that led to the
corruption of ALL the descendants of man,
from both Seth’s side and Cain’s. No
gradual falling away is mentioned; it was
something sudden – something dramatic.”


“The Father and the Son are the
Speakers, but when They choose to do
so using a man (a prophet), or to the
inner-self of individual hearers, They
do so through Their Holy Spirit.”


“Christ told those in the age of the
reformation to ‘strengthen the things
which remain,’ and they did; but many
things that were lost at the 1st and
2nd seals were not yet to be restored.”


“Even with his faulty understanding of
Christian doctrine the Pharisee realized
that John was teaching a lifelong commit-
ment to abstain from ALL known sin; that
is the nature of a soul that is cleansed.”


“It is an eternal rebuke, and an ever-
lasting punishment, but it is not a
perpetual, conscious agony. The end of
these evil nations will be a ‘perpetual
desolation,’ as stated in Zeph 2:9.”


“There is no immortality of the soul
apart from Yah. He is the source and em-
bodiment of life itself; and what is hell
but a separation from God? ‘The soul
that sinneth, it shall die.’ (Eze 18:4)”


“Their attentions had only stirred up the
bird’s anger, however, and it was
sounding its protest with a louder cry.
By their attentions, the eagle had only
been aroused…”


“The state of the dead is just one piece of
the larger puzzle, but it is as essential
for understanding being ‘dead in Christ,’
in order to live with Him as any other
teaching of the sacred Scriptures.”


“When we die the body rots to nothing,
the spirit returns to God, and the soul
perishes. Now we are looking at what
happens after that. On resurrection day,
the saints will be raised…”


“In each of the cases, the onlookers
realized that those baptized with the Holy
Ghost spoke in tongues, but in each of the
cases also, the listeners understood what
the speakers were saying.”


“Satan has done a very good job of con-
vincing people that the Sabbath was
bondage. Misunderstandings of stories
like that of the man gathering firewood
have served to underline this false notion.”


“It isn’t mature yet […] but from the
instant that perfect seed was planted, it
was a perfect mustard tree. The thing with
us is that we know we have a perfect
seed, because it had a perfect Planter.”


“Yahshua may be walking with you, He may
be carrying you at this point, but until
you claim the victory, He cannot live
within you. This is what He died for, what
He sent the Holy Spirit to teach us…”


“We are the people of the ‘final hour,’
who may labor but a short time, yet
will receive equal inheritance to those
who labored before. We are they who call
the true believers out of Babylon Fallen.”


“There is in His word the creative energy
to produce the thing which that word
pronounces. That is creation, and that
word of God is the same yesterday and
today and forever.” [A.T. Jones]


“Christians speak of the law as if it were
a mistake that Yah made, or a requirement
now useless, that we have ‘outgrown’
or evolved past as human beings. ‘It
leads to death,’ they say.”


“When the rich young ruler came to Christ
to ask what he must do to be saved, He
said, ‘Sell all you have.’ Keep the comm-
andments, yes… but it isn’t enough. We
are not, and cannot be, saved by works.”


“We need only glance down, and we can see
that our strength is not our own. Our pro-
tection was not bought by our coin, nor
earned by our merits. Each piece of the
Armor is imprinted with God’s approval.”


“Which natural man enjoys seeing his
faults revealed in the Word of Yah? But
when the cleansing is done we stand before
the throne ‘not having spot, or wrinkle,
or any such thing.’ (Eph 5:27)”


“Faith is being confident that Yah will
keep His promises to us, given by
prophecy and parable. It is knowing those
promises, and acting upon them, as if
He had indeed already kept them.”


“Readiness to bear the gospel is what will
determine the eternal destiny of all who
come to knowledge of the truth. Bearing
the gospel does not only mean bearing it
to others, but also upon ourselves.”


“Yah clothed the nakedness of the first
couple after their fall with animal skins.
So it is for the lovers of truth in the
last days, we are clothed with Christ,
the Word, for the Word is truth.”


“As inflexible as plate armor is, it also
leaves the arms free to move, and does not
restrict movement of the legs. It does not
imprison our humanity or transform us into
unfeeling beings, cut off from emotion.”


“This is the ‘Seal of God’ in our fore-
heads – that we have intelligently,
completely and consistently chosen the
Righteousness of Christ for our clothing,
forsaking the folly of our past lives.”


“The prophets all seem to testify to this
principle. If Israel turns to the ungodly
for comfort, it has put away Yah as a
husband, and it will call down judgment
upon itself. He will now call another…”


“Not a single article of the Decalogue was
first given to Moses. These things were
known, and kept, from the earliest times.
They were around ever since there were
beings other than Yah.”


“Though we were once a strange people, a
‘Moabitish damsel,’ by our former sins and
nature, Christ encourages us, ‘Come unto
me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest.’”


“This is the whole work of the
messenger in these very last days, to
praise the Father with everlasting
gratefulness, and to be an example for
others to do the same.”


“Those who have been truly deceived,
and had not an opportunity to see truth,
will be the last from which the rays of
mercy will be withdrawn. These will
have the longest time to repent.”


“Does attempting to show the flaws
in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture
position truly ‘steal hope’ from the
believer? That, of course, depends on
what your ‘blessed hope’ is.”


“We have not been saved to enter into
reward ourselves, but to minister unto
others. The Father will not remove those
best qualified to reach the lost just
when they would need us the most.”


“People may be worshipping together, yet
whereas one may have the character of
Christ, the other may not be ready. Do
we let them persist in a Biblically
unsound belief for the sake of peace?”


“In regard to the Trademark debate,
there has been much said to show the
‘wrongness’ of the lawsuits. The gist
of the G.C. answers has basically been,
‘Times have changed…’”


“Before a people called to be holy, he
stood alone as a faithful servant. And
moreover, he knew it. We are called to be
modest and humble, but pride disguised
as a lowly spirit is a seeping disease.”


“The spirit of this great prophet was seen
mirrored in the mission of the fiery and
dynamic John the Baptist. ‘Elijah’ had
indeed come first, but that is not the
only application of this teaching…”


“We know we will NOT do these things,
because we are promised that as long as
we remain in communion with the Father,
we won’t. We are truly justified by faith.”


“He laid the foundations of existence, and
separated matter from energy. He made the
earth, and then ransomed it back to Him-
self from sin in the Person of His Son.
Some do not believe this…”


“While the Mark can be received in the
fore head, just like the seal, it can also
be found on the hand. If the forehead is
conscious service, what is the hand?
It is labor, it is work.”


“Just as Christ received a sign from
heaven after His watery baptism, so Noah
was shown the rainbow after the planet’s.
This token was to represent the covenant
that was made with the earth.”


“Not only does every book from 1 Samuel
to Malachi foretell the coming of the
Messiah, but all those before it did as
well! Many of them point also to His
humble manner and sacrificial office.”


“There is no cause for fear. Christ
taught that one who commits sin is a
slave to sin, yet, was not His sacrifice
to bring us freedom? ‘He shall save His
people from their sins.’ (Mat 1:21)”


“Satan has sought to pervert the very
results that the Sabbath was designed to
produce in man: holiness, meekness,
humility, and eternal awareness of
our dependence on Yah for our life.”


“He did not give a ‘new’ commandment to
replace the old ones; He was merely
stating their foundation! How (Mat 22:38
& 39) have been misused... had they only
read and understood one verse further.”


“Were the 10 commandments ever ‘against
us?’ Does respecting our mother and father,
or not coveting our neighbor’s
possessions… do these things oppress us
and give us a heavy, unreasonable burden?”


“If the name of both Father and Son are
understood, we see revealed a beautiful
and literal interpretation of Christ’s
words, ‘That ye may know, and believe,
that the Father is in me, and I in Him.’”