A Question of Victory

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David Aguilar
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A Question of Victory

Postby David Aguilar » June 4th, 2012, 1:10 pm

The Bible says that we, who are followers of the Messiah, are more than conquerors through our Faith. CSDAs believe, literally, the words of the apostle John, who writes, "Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin," (1John 3:9) which he goes on to explain in clear detail.

We call our belief in this promise of our Savior the "Victory over sin." There are other churches, and individuals, who claim to have victory over sin in their lives, so I am opening this thread as an invitation to those who, while differing from the CSDA understanding of victory, nevertheless do claim to believe the testimony of the New Testament. Members of our faith, of course, are also encouraged to share their testimony here.

This is not a thread that is intended, specifically, as a "challenge." Rather, it is an opportunity to analyze how interpretations and understandings can vary over even the most basic (we believe) components of the Gospel. What has been your experience, dear readers, of your victory in Christ?

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Re: A Question of Victory

Postby Naraiel » June 9th, 2012, 8:31 am

My testimony is that since I learned the right biblical understanding of the new birth, when I understood what the Gift of God, Jesus Christ, really meant in the believer, (in me) and that what I was receiving from the Father was the most amazing thing I have ever imagined, and the most powerful truth I have ever heard, in comparison to what I heard in the past from other christian churches, my life and testimony changed dramatically. A new woman where Christ was dwelling, because "self" have died.

I received a new heart and a new Spirit to do always those things that pleases my Father. When I understood the meaning of the new birth in Christ, I was able to enter into God's Sabbath, His rest, ceasing to do my own works to get Salvation, or to try keep the commandments of God by my own human efforts. There is no way this can happen unless we are born from Above, unless we understand what we are reallyreceiving when we are accepting Christ.

The process of Sanctification that follows after the new birth, (Justification) is also a life of Rest, it is a Sabbath life, represented by the Creation Seventh day of the week. It is God who is guiding my sanctification process, and He is the One who is showing me at every step of the road what I need to confess (unknown sins or unknown defects of character) to forsake it with His power.

This is my testimony,

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