"Battery Treatment"

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"Battery Treatment"

Postby Lucan » December 14th, 2013, 12:53 am

The Battery Treatment


The core concept of the battery treatment is to create a low-voltage electrical circuit through your body using a small battery. By establishing and quickly breaking this connection repeatedly - as is done by tapping fingers quickly on the terminals - a "pulsating DC (direct current)" is sent through the body. The voltage is far lower than necessary to harm the body, but the sudden and repeated shifts in current create an environment that makes it difficult for viruses, parasites, and bacteria to survive in.

Things you will need:
- a 9v Battery
- Rubber-soled shoes
- A cloth
- A non-metallic chair
- A clock or timer

How to perform the battery treatment:

Step 1: Remove any watches or jewelry from your hands and wrists.
Step 2: Sit in your chair, making sure you are wearing rubber-soled shoes or have your feet off of the floor. Anything that would short the circuit will prevent the treatment from having an effect.
Step 3: Wrap the battery in a cloth rag, ensuring that your hands are at no point touching the metal casing (the part of the battery that says Duracell and has a copper band in the attached image)
Step 4: Set the timer for 7 minutes
Step 5: While holding your left index finger firmly on one battery terminal (the little knobs on top), tap the other terminal with your right index finger roughly 3 times/second. Repeat until the timer expires, ensuring that your hands are not meeting during the exercise.

Repeat the above steps 30 minutes after completion of your first cycle, and again 30 minutes after your second cycle. Complete one cycle per day until your illness recedes.

Notes and Side-effects:

As the battery treatment is intended to weaken and potentially kill bacteria, parasites, and viruses, it is highly possible it will kill the helpful bacteria in your intestines that aid in digestion. If you encounter this, take a probiotic such as yogurt, or, for vegan diets, kombucha tea or miso soup.

For more difficult infections, you may wish to use a 12 volt battery (also known as a car battery). This can be done by following the steps above (except for 3), and tapping directly on the car battery terminals while standing on a plastic chair or other form of buffer. Alternatively, you may connecting jumper cables to the terminals and sit in the driver's seat, tapping on the positive cable while holding the negative with your other hand (or vice versa). One benefit of this method is it allows more targeted application of the electricity; the current will go from one terminal to the other, wherever those are placed. A stomach virus may be targeted by holding one terminal to the back and tapping the other on the stomach, for example, or a throat infection by holding a terminal on one side of the neck, and tapping the remaining terminal to the opposite side.
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Re: "Battery Treatment"

Postby Adriel » December 21st, 2013, 12:08 am

Hi Luke, thanks for this. :)

Yah Bless
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