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This is often caused by stress and smoking.

To avoid or remedy, (when not in an attack), consume at least 30 grams of fiber, even if you must take a fiber supplement.

Eat garlic, leafy greens, well-cooked brown rice, and fish.
Do not consume grains (except for the brown rice), nuts, dairy, seeds, red meat, sugar, fried foods, spices, and processed foods.

Be sure and drink plenty of water - at least 1/2 gallon per day.
Fresh fruit and vegetable juices will also help.

What to do during an attack:
1. Go on liquid diet. Blend fruits and vegetables - or eat baby food.
2. Relieve pain by massaging the left side of the abdomen. Stand up and do stretching exercises.
3. Take 4 charcoal capsules (with a large glass of water) to relieve pressure.
4. If attack is severe, use an enema of 2 quarts lukewarm water and the juice of a fresh lemon. This will clean the colon and thus relieve pressure.

Aloe vera (straight from the plan is better) can assist healing of the colon.

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