Questions and Comments from Youtube Video Visitors

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Questions and Comments from Youtube Video Visitors

Postby Naraiel » December 15th, 2012, 7:17 pm

Greetings to all!

I am pasting and sharing the Youtube comments or questions that people have stated publicly in Youtube in response to our videos. I am also inviting new guests, from Youtube, to share their questions and comments freely, on this forum, so they can receive a more complete response and understanding of our hope and faith (according to Yah's Word)

For public comments I will include the person's name, as it appears publicly in Youtube, but for privately messages sent to my Youtube inbox, I will paste only people's comments, no names.

Carlos Miguel's comment on Youtube:

"Jesus also proceeds from the father, but that does not mean that Jesus came literally from the father, or that he was inside of the father. Jesus was just a man, and the advocate is also a man. I am the Paraclete that Jesus promised.

How can a spirit testify, and bear witness to the world?

No that is not correct, first of all the word is not comforter, it's advocate, and second of all the advocate is not the HS. It means the world can't perceive her, nor know her. Spirit is feminine. How can the HS not come unless Jesus leaves, if the HS, was with them." [end of commentary]

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