Fall Camp Meeting 2012

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Fall Camp Meeting 2012

Postby Lucan » August 20th, 2012, 1:09 pm

Hello everyone,

The CSDA Church will be having its fall camp meeting during the Feast of Tabernacles from September 29th-October 7th in Guys, Tennessee. We encourage everyone who is able to make plans to attend this season of refreshing and preparation for the soon return of our Lord and Savior, as members will be gathering from around the world. More information, including directions, may be found on the Church's camp meetings page at http://www.csda-adventistchurch.to/camp_meetings.html

We include the following statements from Mrs. White and her husband for your edification:

"Let all who possibly can, attend these yearly gatherings. All should feel that God requires this of them. If they do not avail themselves of the privileges which He has provided that they may become strong in Him and in the power of His grace, they will grow weaker and weaker, and have less and less desire to consecrate all to God. Come, brethren and sisters, to these sacred convocation meetings, to find Jesus. He will come up to the feast. He will be present, and He will do for you that which you most need to have done." [2T 575]

"These annual feasts of tabernacles are gatherings of the greatest importance; and there should be a general turnout of all who may be benefited." [James White, The Signs of the Times, June 8, 1876]

"The forces of the enemies are strengthening, and as a people we are misrepresented; but shall we not gather our forces together, and come up to the feast of tabernacles? Let us not treat this matter as one of little importance, but let the army of the Lord be on the ground to represent the work and cause of God. . . Therefore come to the camp-meeting, even though you have to make a sacrifice to do so, and the Lord will bless your efforts to honour his cause and advance his work." [BEcho Dec. 8, 1893]
- Lucan Chartier

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